Rick Wolcott, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Rick Wolcott joined RTLGenomics after extensive experience of both working on a lab bench for twenty-five years and in researching and manufacturing management at the Dow Chemical Company. While at Dow he developed several commercial processes in the natural gas conditioning area. Dr. Wolcott moved initially to Dow’s Agricultural Sciences business as Global Leader of Formulations Research and manager of the manufacturing technology center for formulations and packaging, and then to the Hydrocarbons and Energy business within Dow as the Senior R&D Director.  

During his career at Dow, Dr. Wolcott was responsible for research and manufacturing areas including; oil and gas production technologies and downstream derivatives, analytical services as manager of agricultural products, organic and inorganic analytical services for manufacturing and production, and formulations and packaging of agricultural products.

After leaving Dow, he entered the medical research and patient care area as Chief Executive Officer of a clinical laboratory, PathoGenius Laboratory, and RTLGenomics' parent company, Research and Testing Laboratory.  These labs offer researchers and doctors modern, accurate, and cost effective DNA sequencing services.  As a clinical diagnostic service provider, PathoGenius Laboratory is CLIA licensed, CAP accredited, and HIPAA compliant.

In his spare time, Dr. Wolcott oversees the operation of the 7W Ranch, a cattle and exotic game ranch.