Get Help With your Analyses

RTLGenomics has a experienced team of Ph.D. computer scientists and computational biologists ready to help push your project past the finish line.  Whether you need assembly and annotation of genomes, analysis of transcriptomes, or help with custom pipelines, we have a solution that will meet your needs.

Krona Graph

Krona Graph

Please visit our Amplicon Bioinformatics Pipeline page to familiarize yourself with our data processing workflow.

RTLGenomics provides three zipped archive files: raw, fasta, and analysis files.  Within the analysis file, there is an interactive Krona graph which displays taxonomic data from your samples. 

Please visit our Sample Data page for Krona graph information and example data files.

Some of the services we offer are below:

  • Denoising and chimera detection of next generation sequencing data.
  • Classification of specific marker-based microbial diversity assays (e.g. 16S, 18S, ITS, etc.)
  • Classification of shotgun library-based metagenomic diversity analysis potentially to the strain level.
  • Genome assembly and annotation.
  • RNASeq and expression analysis
  • ddRADSeq and UCE analysis
  • Custom sequence database creation and curation.
  • Custom pipeline and software creation.

For more information on our standard bioinformatics policies or to get information about having analyses done, please see our Bioinformatics FAQ or contact us.