Kelli Brooks, M.S.

Lead Scientist


Kelli Brooks received her M.S. in Forensic Science from Texas Tech University in 2013. Kelli began working for RTLGenomics as an intern as part of her M.S. degree in Forensic Science, and continued interning until she became a full-time employee in November 2014. She has experience with extracting nucleic acids from many types of organisms and tissues and helps with special extractions and developing protocols as needed on a client-to-client basis.  She is also responsible for inventory and procurement for RTLGenomics.  Kelli's primary responsibility is to prepare samples and run two of the laboratory’s sequencing platforms: Pacific Biosciences SMRTcell sequencing and BioNano Genomics.  Outside of RTL, Kelli has been a nationally certified Pharmacy Technician for 14 years. She is currently a licensed Pharmacy Technician in 2 states, Texas and New Hampshire. Having worked in the long-term care pharmacy industry for the last 7 years, Kelli provides remote data entry and billing adjudication support for several pharmacies, as well as consults.