ShotGun Genomics

When most people think of genomics they think of Shotgun genomics. This approach involves sequencing fragments of DNA to a specified coverage depth (depending on the goals of the project) and assembling the reads to generate the genome.  PacBio, BioNano, and Illumina sequencers are all used for this approach, but require different quality DNA for library prep.  RTLGenomics is also proud to offer Hybrid Genome approaches.  

Reduced Read Genomics

For some projects sequencing the full genome to an appropriate depth is not financially feasible or necessary for the project goals.  These project usually have a lot of samples that are being compared.  In this case reduced representation approaches are used.  These approaches reduce the amount of the genome that is being sequenced in reproducible ways so that the same subset of the genome is sequenced for all samples.  RTLGenomics offers UCE and ddRADseq library prep, sequencing and analysis.