Everything we do starts with DNA or RNA.  We have protocols for most sample types, including difficult to extract samples.  Ask us for more information.

Our standard extraction protocol involves an inhibitor removal step. To ensure non-biased lysing of bacterial and fungal cells, all of our extractions for amplicon sequencing use a bead beating step. For large projects we use the Kingfisher 96-well extraction robot when possible. We also have kits and protocols for longer read fragments (PacBio) and as well as kits for water, stool, tissue, insect, soil and blood. We incorporate multiple QC/QA steps and processes to ensure the highest quality extractions, and to provide controls at every step of the protocol.


  • Qiagen PowerSoil and PowerMag Soil are our default kits for most samples. These kits are especially good for samples with known inhibitors (e.g. soil, fecal, or blood), but appropriate for other sample types as well. (Bead beating step)

  • The Qiagen PowerWater kit is used for samples that require filtering. This kit extracts the entire filter rather than requiring subsectioning of the filter. (Bead beating step)

  • The Qiagen Microbiome kit is used for samples with a mixture of animal/human host and bacterial/fungal target. This kit eliminates host DNA during extraction, which is important for shotgun approaches. (Bead beating step)

  • The Qiagen MagAttract HMW DNA kit is used for samples that require longer fragments (specifically PacBio libraries). (No bead beating)