PacBio Sequel at RTLGenomics

Are sequels better than the original? We sure think so!

One year after announcing our new PacBio RSII, RTLGenomics is excited to announce the installation of the PacBio Sequel™ System.  As the next platform in SMRT sequencing technology, the Sequel System offers the long read capabilities expected from PacBio technologies with a few added perks.  The Sequel System has one million zero-mode waveguides (ZMWs) compared to the RSII at 150,000 ZMWs.  This dramatic increase offers higher throughput and potential decrease in sequencing time.  Coupled with this, the Sequel generates 7x as many reads as the RSII.  The ability to generate high quality, long reads of high consensus make the Sequel System ideal for clients interested in whole genome sequencing, RNA-Seq, or finishing a previously sequenced genome. 

Similar to the RSII, input material for the Sequel System needs to be high quality intact DNA.  A comfortable concentration range for submitting DNA is 5ug-10ug.  We also recommend assessing genomic DNA integrity using a Tapestation or Fragment analyzer.  At the minimum, we recommend running an agarose gel.  

 Contact us for more information about sequencing on the PacBio Sequel or for generating a hybrid genome using PacBio and Bionano data.