Announcing RTLGenomics

Research and Testing Laboratories was founded in 2004 to aid researchers like yourself in exploring the human microbiome and the role of biofilms in human infection.  We were one of the initial players in NexGen sequencing and the development of amplicon pyrosequencing techniques starting in 2008 when we acquired our first Roche 454 sequencer.  In the eight years that followed we have expanded our NexGen sequencing offerings to include numerous Roche 454, IonTorrent PGM, IonTorrent Proton, Illumina MiSeq, Illumina HiSeq, Oxford Nanopore Minion and PacBio RSII sequencers.  As our sequencing capacity and expertise has grown, we have developed into a well-known and trusted genomics company working with researchers in over 50 countries around the world.  In recognition of this we have begun the process of moving all of our genomics and metagenomics services under a new division, RTLGenomics.  Over the coming months be prepared to see changes to our website, documentation and email addresses as we make this transition.  Rest assured that we are still the same great company with the same great people that you have worked with.  Any services offered by Research and Testing Laboratory in the past will still be available through RTLGenomics.  We here at RTLGenomics would like to thank you for all your business throughout the years and we hope to continue working hard for you in the years to come!