Great results require great libraries.  Let our experienced scientists help you get the most out of your important samples.

To get the best sequencing results requires high quality input libraries. RTLGenomics is experienced in a variety of library preparation techniques. Good libraries do require quality input material. Some library preparations are more forgiving than others. For example, the quality of the DNA for amplicon library prep only has to be good enough for amplification.

For this reason, fragmented, low concentration, and even slightly inhibited samples can yield appropriate library preparations. This is in contrast to PacBio libraries which require High Molecular Weight (HMW) gDNA or RNA at high concentrations (enough to equal 10-20ug of DNA) in order to yield appropriately sized fragments during sequencing. A brief discussion of some of the preparations we use can be found under the links below.

Short Fragment Libraries

Short Fragment libraries are primarily used for Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencing.  Occasionally a short fragment library will be used on PacBio but this is not typical.  RTLGenomics offers a variety of options for short fragment library prep.  


Long Fragment Libraries

Long Fragment libraries are generally 1kb or larger, however at RTLGenomics we primarily deal with 10-30kb (for PacBio) or 100kb-1mb fragments (for BioNano).  These library types are much less forgiving than short library preparations and require the highest quality starting material.