Gold or Platinum?

With our sequencing capability on different platforms, RTLGenomics is proud to offer hybrid approaches to genome sequencing.  Whether you need a Gold Genome (PacBio reads with a BioNano scaffold) or a Platinum Genome (Gold Genome with Illumina short reads for coverage and error correction), we are well equipped to do the library preparation, sequencing, and analysis.  


What does it take?


We recommend sequencing 30x on the PacBio Sequel and 50x coverage on the BioNano.  A safe estimate is that Sequel will cost about $5000-$6000 for 20gb of data (including sample prep and QC).  BioNano will cost about $800 for the Nick Labeling Reaction, $1100 for the DNA extraction (this is a drawn out labor intensive  process that ends up with fragments around 1-2 MB in length and we generally do two extractions), $500 for the QC and then $2500/Irys Chip.  The number of required Irys chips depends on the size of the genome, but generally 35-40GB are read per chip.  If Illumina reads are needed then the cost will be $100/library preparation and $3000 for a lane of HighSeq (generally 200 million reads).  Contact us for more information or specific pricing based on your project needs.



What about assembly?

Our experienced bioinformaticians are able to help you whether you need a simply or a hybrid approach assembly.  Don't spend hours fighting the computer when you can simply let us deliver high quality assemblies with no additional effort on your part.