RTL Genomics is a full service sequencing company.  We offer most standard approaches and some novel approaches for Next Generation sequencing.  Check out the options below to see how we can help you further your science.



DNA Barcoding uses relatively short, standardized gene sequences to identify and distinguish organisms. RTL Genomics has developed protocols for barcoding samples on both the MiSeq and PacBio. For more information click through to the Barcoding page.


Although generally used in the context of microbiomes, metagenomics covers a wide range of approaches that look at DNA from multiple organisms in the same sample.  This can include eDNAmicrobial diversity (both host based and environmental samples), diet analysis, environmental biodiversity, and MHC diversity


Genomic examinations of model and non-model organisms have become significantly less expensive over the last 5 years.  Couple that with reduced representation approaches such as Ultra-Conserved Elements (UCE) or double digest Restriction-site Associated DNA (ddRADseq), and a genomics project can be affordable, even on a tight budget. In addition, long-read approaches such as PacBio (as well as hybrid approaches) have allowed for much more complete genomes for a fraction of the price compared to previous approaches.


Examinations of RNA transcription can help describe changes in response to different treatments/environments/chemicals.  Each of the main two approaches to transcriptomics (Iso-Seq and RNASeq) have different strengths and utilities.