We currently offer multiple sequencing platforms including Pacific Biosciences (PacBio), Illumina, BioNano, and Ion Torrent. Using these platforms, we have extensive experience working on a diverse array of sequencing projects.



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The industry standard for sequencing long read fragments is PacBio’s Single Molecule Real Time Sequencing technology. The PacBio systems allow you to directly sequence single molecules of DNA and achieve long sequencing reads with uniform coverage with no bias across GC content rich regions. 

Ion Torrent

Using semi-conductor technology, PGM provides fast results. Generating reads up to 500bp in less than 1 day, this technology provides for high throughput with fast turnaround.



BioNano Genomics Next-Generation Mapping (NGM) uses proprietary optical mapping and NanoChannel array technology to provide a high-throughput, genome-wide method able to interrogate large structural differences (> 1kbp) in the genome and increase the contiguity and accuracy needed to produce platinum quality genome assemblies.



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The current leader in the Next Generation Sequencing world is Illumina Inc.

Offering 5 different scales of sequencing, Illumina provides low to extremely high throughput. 


Oxford Nanopore

A potentially disruptive sequencer, the Oxford Nanopore promises long read technology in a small format sequencer.  RTLGenomics does not yet offer this instrument, but we have one on site and are currently discovering its capabilities.